The Grille At Peerce's
Hours of operation:
Monday Closed
Tuesday through Saturday open at 4:00
Sunday open at 10:00

The Intriguing History of Maryland's Fine Dining Landmark

William F. Peerce was born in September of 1787, in the District of Columbia. The house in which he first saw the light of day stood upon the spot where St. John’s Church now stands. His father, the first of the Peerce name in America, sailed from England for New York early in the 18th century. Due to stress of weather, he was driven to the West Indies, where the vessel was wrecked on the island of St. Kitts.

An incident worthy of note occurred when the ship struck the rocks. There were some women and children on board, who amid the confusion were in danger of perishing. The crew rushed for the life boats with the intention of securing their own safety, but Mr. Peerce, with gun in hand, planted himself at the bulwarks, and threatened instant death to any one who attempted to leave the ship until the helpless were landed. His will and courage prevailed and all were safely landed on the island. Peerce purchased a sugar plantation and engaged successfully in the culture of sugar cane.

After some years on the island, he sailed for America and settled in St. Mary’s County, where Edward Peerce, the father of William Ferguson Peerce was born. After the death of his father, Edward Peerce moved to the District of Columbia and bought a large tract of land, extending from the site of the present White House to the Navy Yard. Washington, at that time, was in its early development. With no suggestion of its future greatness the land was acquired for agricultural purpose.

At the close of the Revolutionary War, a splendid body of land in Baltimore County which had belonged to Lord Dulaney, a Tory during the struggle, had been confiscated. Edward Peerce was attracted by its location and fertility, and traded his Washington property for 500 acres in Dulaney’s Valley. Peerce’s Plantation was built on this land and over the years has been bought and sold as a restaurant

The History of Signature Catering

Signature Catering was founded in September 1998 by Joseph W. Bivona. After purchasing what was then Premier Caterers, a kosher catering house, Mr. Bivona began his journey to becoming one of Baltimore’s most favored off-premise caterers.

Mr. Bivona has over 35 years experience in the catering industry, with 22 of those 35 years working the in the employ of one of Maryland’s largest catering houses. Mr. Bivona developed his interest in catering from his grandfather and father, Joseph L. Bivona, who in the late 1960’s relocated his family from New York to Baltimore.

Signature Catering services various locations throughout Maryland. Signature supplies catering services from small intimate home parties, elegant wedding receptions and corporate galas and fundraisers. Mr. Bivona prides himself in providing a quality service -- which includes a professional, yet personable, wait staff who is second to none in the industry. He is renowned for his unique menus and his attention to detail.

While overseeing the entire operation of Signature Catering, Mr. Bivona is also the principal of EC Management of Maryland, a contractual feeding company, who in January 2002 was awarded the United States Naval Academy food service contract -- one of the most prestigious government food service contracts in the United States. EC Management will serve 4,200 midshipmen breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days per week.

On February 14th, 2008 Mr. Bivona purchased Peerce's Plantation and set it up as a catering facility. Signature Catering has exclusive rights to cater here. As of October 4th, 2010, Mr. Bivona has renovated and reopened the facility as a restaurant now known as "The Grille At Peerce's". The restaurant has been welcomed by the community with praise and accolades. Patrons from the original Peerce's have come in to show their overwhelming support of the new venue.